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ABC Radio Melbourne, Mornings with Virginia Trioli, Associate Professor of Sociology, Deborah Dempsey is joined by Peter Liston, a sperm donor. She discusses recent findings. (starts at 54.55), 19 February 2020

ABC News, Sarah Scopelianos and Sajithra Nithi for Life Matters, ‘Brett has 15 sperm donor-conceived children. This is the ‘magic’ story of meeting one of them‘, 12 February 2020

ABC Radio National, Life Matters with Hilary Harper: ‘Connected by Donor Conception‘, 4 February 2020

ABC News, Fiona Blackwood, ‘Becoming a mother is a tough gig. Would you go it alone?‘ 30 November 2019

ABC Radio National, ‘Are laws catching up with the modern family?’

Fiona Kelly speaking
Associate Professor Fiona Kelly speaking at the launch of the History of Donor Conception Record Keeping in Victoria Report.


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